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Stratford Minor Girls Softball (fast pitch)

The Stratford association has gutted its Bantam (15-16) team for next season. The coach of the Novice team that placed 4th in the Canadian Championship teir 2 would have moved up to Bantam with most of the Novice team. She applied and was given the coaching position.

At the last minute the job was pulled and awared to last year's Bantam coach. The executive was warned that both parents and players would refuse to play for this coach....but the executive did not listen. Only 4 players turned up for try-outs October 20th. Stratford has not only gutted it current Bantam team this year (2011), but also 2012, and Midget in 2013/14. The girls that turned up have joined the remainder of the girls Bantam age on a new team.

Stratford players have now formed their own team and association, joined the PWSA and will play teir two Bantam ball in the Grand valley region. They will be playing out of Milverton.

The old boys club in sports in this town is made up of a bunch of egos and people who should not be in control of competitive sports.



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