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Softball National championships

Our own Stratford Flames girls softball team...ages 13-14-15 are off to Montreal after qualifing for the national championships and couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately the sponsor of their unifoms...with the business name blazed across their backs...has done virtually nothing to help their fund raising.

As I have talked to coaches and the like, this seems to be a theme with businesses in town. The teams they agree to sponsor uniforms for are dusted off when they achieve lofty goals of provinical championships and national level competition.

Last years winners of the PWSA provincial championships for girls 11-12....dominated throughout the year....ran the championship tournement undefeated. The sponsor...the company with the name on their backs through all this....not even a word...not a peep.

Shame on those types of sponsors....

Businesses can do better than these token gestures in Stratford. Lets see some step up



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